TRULAB:  Laboratory for Designing Urban Transformation 

TRULAB:  Laboratory for Designing Urban Transformation is an experimental platform to explore what urbanism can be.  Based on the conceptual framework proposed in the book Designing Urban Transformation, this laboratory unites interdisciplinary groups of urban practitioners to proactively engage in research, theories, and practice for urban transformation.  

TRULAB proposes that the form of the material city is only a means or an accessory to deeper structural change, and that transformation must have a direct impact on people’s lives.  Ultimately, urban transformation must be experienced as a process, an outcome, or a possibility—even if, sometimes, it can only be recognized in hindsight.  For example, a fundamental change in power structures would go far beyond commonplace notions of community participation; rather, it is about enabling community voices, responsibility, and empowerment all at once.

Ultimately, rather than being satisfied with the status quo, obsessing primarily with spatial form, harking back to a nostalgic past, seeing technology as the savior of the future, or pursuing well meaning yet overly singular objectives such as sustainability, the fundamental goal of urbanism should be transformation.  Urban transformation is a positive, drastic and fundamental change in the structure of a place.  Urban transformation is also a measure of doing good, of making moral progress.

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